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A world leader and true innovator in 3D animation presentations and visualization for architectural design, new property developments and landscape, Archiform 3D has been creating fly-through and fly-by animations since the early 1990s. We're a team of highly skilled 3D Artists using state of the art software, hardware and skills.

In time these skills have evolved into specialised outdor and indor scenes that depart the typical sales and marketing needs and are now used for DVD, TV and the movies as special effects. Our skills in 3D camera tracking and video compositing makes our service unique.

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Camera tracked 3D animations

Archiform 3D are experts at shooting high-definition video footage, tracking it in 3D and then adding new virtual scenes. This means that a virtual movie set or scene can be added to any footage, fooling the eye into thinking the project is complete.

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3D animations of high rise developments

We can fly by any development in 3D, so high rise real estate developments, like residential/condo towers are very popular. We can also shoot aerial footage and put the virtual reality 3D model into it perfectly so the fly-by looks absolutely real. We call this motion tracking, which is when we track the exact motion of the real life camera that shoots the footage and we then replicate that perfectly in 3D. The same effect is used often on the big screen where 3D animations are used to create movie scenes.

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3D animations of apartments and condos

Archiform 3D is unique in that our animations are done to the same Photo-Perfect quality as the still images, yielding a superior result to other fly-through and architectural rendering companies. You experience more realism and depth, and thanks to our vast array of computer processing power we can still produce on time. This means you can have 3D animations of multiple condo or a partment types in a development. Considering that these represent the actual product they are extremely important.

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Further to the apartments, condo developments also have common amenity areas, such as foyers, lobbies and other shared facilities. These can also benefit greatly from 3D animation.

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Our showreel has grown every year. While most companies dont even have a showreel, we make sure that you can always download a cross section of our portfolio to get an overall view of our 3D animation work. The latest version is 2006 and contains a broad cross-section of work from around the world. This latest version is also provided within Flash to ensure you can view it easier and faster.

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3D gallery

We have one of the most extensive 3D galleries of architectural renderings and animations available. The project list grows monthly and you can download animations from many of these projects.

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