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3D architectural renderings and differences in quality levels

3D renderings within the architectural industry have panned out to 3 distinctive levels in quality:

3D architectural renderings from basic lines and coloring

These are great for preliminary design ideas as they are quick to generate and architects with advanced CAD systems such as ArchiCAD can actually alter the building form whilst the client is viewing it. They aren't pretty, but an experienced client will see tremendous advantages from these renderings during the design phase.

We often use the types of renderings to give clients and architects a representation of the structural form of the development before we proceed to high quality, advanced 3D architectural renderings.

3D architectural renderings from simple shaded models

These are nicer to look at than basic lines and colours because they represent basic colorings better, are shaded and can show how the sun interacts with the buildings. They are often used for sun studies and as a transition from basic lines to advanced architectural rendering techniques.

We rarely allow these renderings to be shown to our clients due to the confusion that some people have with these and final advanced work. These types of images are often confused for what could be final and we risk be accused of producing sub-standard work. You will find many 3D architectural rendering companies only go to this standard, which is why the confusion exists. Archiform 3D only produces to the advanced level of detail and quality.

Advanced 3D architectural renderings for marketing/advertising

This is where the visual magic happens. 3D artists meet architectural virtual reality scenes and the results are "Photo-Perfect" images that can be used for advertising or all types.

Each surface is carefully recreated in 3D using real world samples and advanced CGI techniques. Every architectural feature is simulated to perfection to create artwork that often surpasses the actual finished building in beauty and desirability.

The architect doesn't go to this effort as it is simply beyond his/her brief. Cheaper architectural rendering companies don't have the expertise or budget to produce the level of detail. Archiform 3D stands with few other companies in this realm of specialized quality.

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