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Where TV and movies go virtual reality

If a picture tells a thousand words then an animated video tells a million. 3D fly-through video animations are the best way to tell the complete story about any new architectural visualization, project, property development or interior design.

Fly-through innovation and quality for architectural visualization

Archiform 3D pioneered this technique, dazzling clients, architects and the public with animated virtual reality that was unseen and unheard of at the time. We created big screen presentations in the 1990s that drew massive applause through pure innovation and unique experience they delivered. Today we are a clear leader in fly-though and fly-by techniques, with advancements such as Photo-Perfectquality not just in static architectural renderings but as full wide-screen broadcast quality motion video.

When you engage Archiform 3D to create your animated 3D fly-through presentations you are getting absolute quality and experience tracing back to early last decade, which is a long, long time in this industry! Some people make talk "combined" experience or number of people employed, but we all know that it is "pure" experience that really counts. The Archiform 3D team is a wealth of experience from most aspects of digital media, 3D, architecture, movie production and web design.

Presenting Fly-Through & Fly-by animations

Our fly-through presentations are presented on DVD and as web-based movies, which you can see on this web site. See our architectural 3D portfolio page or our Show reel to experience our awesome visualization quality right now.

Uses for Archiform 3D fly-through architectural animations:


Residential high-rise developments in virtual reality


Medium-rise developments 3D architectural presentations


Private house design 3D presentations


Virtual reality footage on DVDs


Interactive web-based virtual reality modules


Web based fly-through movies and architectural renderings

  Apartment 3D virtual fly-through presentations


Commercial development fly-by videos

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