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Key Biscayne - 3D mass modelling study

Our client needed to present to a community group the basic concept of some new buildings in an older area. The idea was to show form, impact and basic asthetics. To do this we created both still images and video. The renderings and modelling are done to basic simple shapes with just a simple while translucent material - purely to show basic form, nothing else.

The still images were created using photomontage. This involved using a helicopter to take the shots from various viewpoints and then getting around the actual suburb and shooting from street level. The 3D model was aligned with the photographs and then rendered. Then the 3D renderings and the photographs are combined.

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The video was prepared in basically the same way. High-Definition video footage was shot from the helicopter and then stabilized. Then the video footage was tracked in 3D and the data exported into the 3D modelling and animation application. From there a 3D animation was generated and then composited over the real video footage.

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