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Apartment A combined living area view.

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Interior architectural renderings

Archiform 3D approaches each interior Architectural renderings with detail, precision and artistic flare. The furniture is created from pictures of the originals, translated into 3D and textured with your choice of colors and fabrics. Decoratoration items and personal accessories are also created in 3D and placed carefully throughout the scenes. We then light the scene to enhance realism and create dramatic effects.

While often mistaken for photographs, our interior renderings often exceed them in quality and flexibility. Our fly-through animations are done to the same Photo-Perfect quality as our Architectural renderings.

3D renderings of living rooms

Grand salons and lounge rooms are the most intensive scenes to create within an apartment, condominium or house. They contain more varied detail, are larger rooms, often cover more than one living space and are the focus of day-to-day living within the home. They are also the hardest for a client or designer to translate into a brief, therefore difficult for our 3D artists to get right first time.

Furnishings in these rooms can also be difficult to create in 3D. This is due to the often-complex curves and softness that go into items like sofas, which require painstaking attention to get both the shape and fabrics perfect. This also holds true for some of the more complex light fittings, which not only have ornate shapes but also have many different ways of casting light.

What is exciting about these 3D scenes is the scope for creativity. This is usually in the small items and artwork that enhances what may be an incomplete design brief. Rugs, pictures, drapes and small personal items in the scene warm the Architectural rendering and give our artists some room for expression.

3D architectural renderings of kitchens

Kitchen 3D Scenes, while small, are often complex. They often contain detailed cabinets, handles and appliances that must normally be depicted perfectly. This is because unlike living or dining rooms they are part of the building structure and therefore an inclusion within the sale.

To create the renderings we need to receive detailed plans and elevations of the cabinets. You will need to detail the materials being used as well, like counter tops, door panels, electrical appliances and handles. Once we have constructed this in 3D we normally decorate them with a few household items, which you are free to specify from a catalogue or pictures.

Combining real views with 3D architectural renderings

Looking outwards from the viewpoint in this rendering you may notice that the actual view is incorporated. There are two methods to achieve this; as a flat 2D image applied to the background or as a 360-degree panoramic photograph wrapped around like a drum. Both techniques have their advantages.

A flat 2D image put into the background is the easiest to do, as it is one shot that can be taken in many different ways and often costs less due to reduced location costs. But when used in animations a 2D image doesn’t show any motion with the 3D camera. If a 3D virtual camera changes direction it becomes obvious that the backdrop is merely a flat face.

The 360-degree photography method costs more due to location and time, as each finished shot is a view in all the horizontal directions. This technique yields the best best quality result for 3D animations as the view adjusts to the aspect of the Virtual Camera. You can provide us with the images for the views or we can do the location shoot for you for an additional fee.


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