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From the The Pinnacle project

The penthouse dining area.

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Interior architectural renderings

Archiform 3Ds interior scene Architectural renderings and Virtual Tours are of superb quality and detail. Each item of furniture is carefully modelled in 3D from pictures or catalogues and includes representations of original fabric samples. Decorator and accessories are also modelled in 3D and distributed carefully throughout the rooms. Lighting is then added with attention to realism, shadowing and highlights.

This combination may actually give better interior visualizations than real scenes as we are not restricted to the limitations of ordinary photography. Our 3D fly-through animations are rendered to the same standard as our still Architectural renderings.

3D architectural renderings of living rooms

Interior living room scenes, like lounges, grand salons and family rooms are the most intensive of an apartment, condominium unit or house to create. They contain more varied detail, are larger rooms, often cover more than one living space and are the focus of day-to-day living within the home. They are also the hardest for a client or designer to translate into a brief, therefore difficult for our 3D artists to get right first time.

Furnishings in these rooms can also be difficult to create in 3D. This is due to the often-complex curves and softness that go into items like sofas, which require painstaking attention to get both the shape and fabrics perfect. This also holds true for some of the more complex light fittings, which not only have ornate shapes but also have many different ways of casting light.

What is exciting about these 3D scenes is the scope for creativity. This is usually in the small items and artwork that enhances what may be an incomplete design brief. Rugs, pictures, drapes and small personal items in the scene warm the Architectural rendering and give our artists some room for expression.

Real Views in 3D architectural renderings

This rendering has the actual view from the project, which is a perfect way of displaying what a purchaser of a pre-construction condo, office or home will actually see. We do this as either a flat 2D image in the background or as a complete 360-degree panorama encompassing the 3D scene. Both techniques have their advantages.

A flat 2D image put into the background is the easiest to do, as it is one shot that can be taken in many different ways and often costs less due to reduced location costs. Unfortunately using this method means the view cant move with the 3D camera if you wish to animate the scene. If a virtual reality camera changes viewpoint it will become apparent that the backdrop is merely a flat billboard effect.

The 360-degree panoramic method costs more in location and photography, as each shot is a complete view in all the horizontal directions. This method gives the best result for 3D animations as when the virtual camera turns the view adjusts accordingly. Archiform 3D is often engaged to take the panoramic shots as we have the equipment and cameras necessary.

Archiform 3Dís scene building techniques

Most times we produce and invoice by the scene produced, not by the renderings taken from it. We have discounts for just one image of a scene, but getting a series of renderings gives better value for money. This rendering is a typical example of this policy, meaning that the client has paid for a 3D Scene and obtained multiple images for the same fixed price. If your project has more than one visual aspect to it then this process is ideal. This advanced process works for both interior and exterior 3D Scenes.


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