3D rendering of the B on Third project
Archiform 3D

B on Third Architectural renderings

Location: Davis, California, USA

This client, an architect, needed to portray how a new design type using "green" materials would impact on an established area with strict covenants. It is actualy four townhomes in one development with the car parking hidden behind and underneath the homes.

You may notice that the roofs are "alive". They are actualy living entities that aid in the thermal qualites of the design and definitely blend better with the surrounding trees. We have never made a 3D architectural rendering of such a feature before.

We reccomended and were engaged to do photomontage 3D renderings .The client took the original photographs herself and we then cut the 3D work into them. The results are highly realistic.

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Fee estimate for this project: between $1500 and $2500

Timeframe for this project: between 1 and 2 weeks


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