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Gallery of Interior 3D Renderings of the Roberts Home Cinema Project

First Impressions Theme Theatres is one of our long standing clients that designs and fabricates small exclusive theatres for a global base of customers. Their work is highly detailed and exquisite, so 3D renderings are the only way to truly get the ideas across.

Each project starts from what is normally just a plain rectangular shaped room and they work their design magic through it, with the Archiform 3D team detailing each section.

On this project we used a video on the wall (James Cameron's Avatar, Copyright 20th Century Fox) and to simulate the feeling of a real projector we created a virtual film that the projector light passed through, creating the illusion of a real projector.

The walls and trims on this project are particularly detailed. The light fittings also required some work. Some of all those trims were created by using photographs as guides and mapping them in 3D.

Fee estimate for this project: between $3000 and $6000

Timeframe for this project: between 2 and 4 weeks


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