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Gallery of Photomontage Renderings for the Green Dragon project

This project is located on Key Biscayne, right near Miami Florida. Our client for this project is one of those people who has an absolute passion for his project. Every aspect is thought out, experimented with and explored in detail. With this requirement our techniques were valuable as we don't set up our projects to produce just one rendering - we build them to produce as many as needed. As changes to the design were made, almost daily, they were quickly reprocessed out as the photomontage images that you see here.

While negotiating with local authorities is not unique for new designs what is different is that two versions of the building were created and the 3D renderings were created both ways so as our client and the city can compare the ideas. You will see here there are two versions of each viewpoint, each with a different version of building, which is most noticeable on the beach side.

A ground level cabana villa was created as well as a penthouse apartment, both of which were designed and decorated in-house at Archiform 3D to assist is portraying what the finished product may look like. In this case we only had the building outline to work with as the architect, Sieger Suarez, was focused primarily on the building envelope, city requirements and the overall look and feel. Our flexibilityand ability to "fill in the gaps" means projects that are still conceptual can move faster and with less upfront costs.

We also created a 3D site plan for the project, which is a top view embedded into site pictures.

Archiform 3D did the aerial photography for this project, which included photomontage shots and view capture on both the ground and aerial.

Fee estimate for this project: between $10000 and $30000

Timeframe for this project: between 2 and 6 weeks


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New York: 646 485 1085
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