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Back in the early 1990's we started producing the first 3D walk-through animated videos available. The computers were a lot slower then and we couldn't have the detail we have today but still these short movies were incredibly successful in sales and architectural presentations.

The idea of a walk through is to take a viewpoint from eye level and guide a viewer through a 3D scene. Sometimes we may break the rules and "fly" a little, achieving angles that you would not normally see, but generally we try to show exactly what the viewer would see if walking through the property.

Walk through normally refers to interiors, with exteriors being referred to as fly-by.

Some examples of walk-through animations:

Delannoy Square (2008)

3D architectural renderings and animations of a classically themed mixed use development in Florida. Walk-Through of a retail area and an apartment.

3D walk through of Delannoy Square View Architectural renderings of Delannoy Square

National Fitness Center (2008)

3D renderings and a walkthrough animation of a new fitness center development.

3D architectural rendering thumbnail of National Fitness Center 3D walk through of National Fitness Center

University Place (2008)

Architectural renderings and walk through animations of a commercial building.

3D walk through of University Place 3D architectural rendering thumbnail of University Place

Villas of Aventura (2007)

Walk through of a luxury villa design.

Architectural rendering thumbnail of Villas of Aventura 3D walk through of Villas of Aventura

Element (2007)

A 2-tower high-rise development on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Animated walk through of Element Architectural rendering thumbnail of Element

Castlebar Cove (2005)

Set of lobby and penthouse walk-through animations.

3D virtual reality rendering of a balcony Animated walk through of Castlebar Cove

The Pinnacle (2007)

Internal and external 3D architectural renderings and walk through animations of a high-rise development in New Zealand.

Animated walk through of The Pinnacle Architectural rendering thumbnail of The Pinnacle

Hickory Road (2007)

3D renderings and a walk through tour of a house

Architectural rendering thumbnail of Hickory Road Animated walk through of Hickory Road

Atlantis Resort (2006)

A stunning 3D presentation of the new hotel-condo tower at the famous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Includes a live presenter walking through the 3D scene.

Animated walk through of Atlantis Architectural rendering thumbnail of Atlantis

Pacific Harbour Golf Club (2005)

Architectural renderings and walk-through architectural animations of both the exterior and interior of a golf resort clubhouse which is to be build alongside a stream and lake.

Architectural rendering thumbnail of Pacific Harbour Golf Club Animated walk through of Pacific Harbour Golf Club

Amrit Resort & Residences (2005)

Hi-Rise Development in Florida. Gallery contains Photo-Perfect™ 3D architectural renderings , walk through animations, colored floor plan illustrations and a web site.

Animated 3D walk through Interior 3D rendering

Montego Residences Stage 3 (2005)

Semi-detached gated residential community. Includes interior and exterior architectural walk-through video.

Exterior 3D rendering Animated 3D walk through

Trump Grande Penthouse (2005)

Interior 3D renderings and animations of the private penthouse atop the Trump Grand development in Florida. 3D rendered walk-through animations to download.

Animated 3D walk through Interior 3D rendering

Portside Wharf (2004)

Complete residential development and cruise ship facility. Interior and exterior Architectural renderings and walk-through animations for download.

Retail mall 3D rendering Riverfront residential Animated 3D walk through


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