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Architectural Renderings of Interiors

Interiors are still considered the hardest renderings to create, although the process has improved. This is not due to what is actually within the scene, but how it is lit. Lighting in interior architectural renderings is what makes or breaks the 3D scene.

Over the years the actual computer rendering technology improved with techniques like global illumination and radiosity. The task of lighting the scene accurately can be taken up by the computer using radiosity and global illumination solutions help automate a lighting solution by simulating ambient light.

Creating an interior architectural rendering in 3D requires:

CAD modelling
The shell of the building is created. This is similar to the construction that your builder would do.

Coloring and lighting
This is where all the wall, floor and other finishes are applied and lighting is added.

Done in conjunction with coloring an lighting, this process requires the creation and/or selection of each piece of interior furniture. Fabrics and colours are also applied.

We have pages that explain the whole 3D rendering process and helpful notes for interior designers. The image above is part of our gallery pages, where you can see the entire rage of architectural renderings for this project.

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