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Today the field of architectural visualization covers a broad range of digital media. It was once only referred to for architectural renderings but now as digital media encompasses so much more the visualization extends to many other items, such as 3D fly through animations, architectural illustrations and the presentation of these items. Archiform 3D has steadily exented it's range of digital media services to cover the complete visualization needs of off-the-plan and pre-sales needs of real estate agents and property developers.

The architectural visualization field can be broken into certain categories, namely:

Architectural Renderings

The beginning of each visualization needs something for people to look at, and architectural renderings are the start.

Colored architectural floorplan illustrations

To present a project correctly on paper and the screen you need attractive architectural floorplans.

3D virtual reality architectural animations

Take the visualization up a few notches and fly people through the development. This is one of the greatest tools for selling off-the-plan real estate today.

Basic movie editing

Animations need to be "polished", so basic editing is needed. Archiform 3D's video editing is actuallly quite extensive, so our finished architectural visualizations are "polished chrome"

DVD production

DVD has taken the forefront of hand out media and in-house presentations. Extentions in high-definition ensure that DVD will stay in the forefront of high quality architectural visualizations for some time.

Website Design

The internet is where it's all at now. It still has some limitations but it's rapidly losing them. Using Archiform 3D you are fortunate to have leading Flash website designers to ensure you get every bit of presentation you can from a website.


Each section above breaks the process down, so browse the links to get a fuller understanding of what you may need for your next development.

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