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Panoramic View Photography

Archiform 3D shoots views differently to other companies. We shoot 360 degrees. This involves taking 20 high-resolution pictures with a professional SLR camera and stitching them together to form one "ultra high-resolution" image that looks in all directions. This is opposed to the single static image, which is easier to create but looks only in one direction.

We use this pictures to wrap around our 3D scenes so the viewer will always see the correct view from the windows of our interior scenes. You can also use them in your brochures and sales displays.

Taking these pictures requires specialist equipment, such as a calibrated panoramic tripod head and high quality ultra-wide angle lenses. The timing is important too, as you always want the main section of the view looking at it's best therefore we need to asses the weather and orientation for each shot. For example, you cant get a decent ocean shot from Miami early in the morning because the sun is going to be shining down the lens of the camera, but waiting until the afternoon risks bad weather if you are shooting mid-year.

Shots can be taken from a cherry picker, a crane, a helicopter, or a blimp. All of these platforms are additional cost to our regular fees. Keep in mind that although blimps can go quite high they are often hindered by weather and don't yield consistent results, so we prefer to keep them as a last option. Helicopters are limited to how low they can fly over built up areas so are unsuitable for most high-rise developments. Cherry pickers are the most stable platform but are limited in reach, rarely exceeding 18 stories. Construction cranes can reach high but don't have a stable, fixed platform so our photographer spends more time as the platform spins around in the breeze.

Over the years we have investigated many options for view photography, but none have reached the quality and flexibility of having an operator suspended in the sky with professional equipment. Afraid of heights? Then this is not the job for you......

Things you need to know about view photography:

The weather is always changing, especially in areas like the tropics where clouds can roll in with little notice. We work to forecasts but sometimes they are accurate. Sometimes shoots need to be delayed for weather and depending on the circumstances there may be additional costs. This is especially relevant in remote locations where film and photography crew has to be accommodated while the weather improves.

The precise height of view shots is difficult to judge and is usually only an estimate.

USA toll free 877 285 1049
Miami: 786 866 5931
New York: 646 485 1085
Los Angeles: 213 596 9108
Australia: 07 3040 0904

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