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We searched extensively throughout the USA for a company to prepare the presentation work for our new beach side high-rise development, making many comparisons for service, quality and value. We came across Archiform 3D on the internet and through further investigation found them to be well established and with an extensive portfolio of architectural renderings and animated video. Their innovative approach to stereoscopic 3D renderings was also very appealing and helped close the deal on our project "Amrit Resort and Residences" on Singer Island, West Palm Beach.

Steve Bell visited us personally and recommended many things that improved our overall presentation and sometimes even saved us money. We deal directly with the people working on each project, utilizing the instant chat and video conferencing facility that Archiform 3D offers. We are always in close contact with each team member that works with us. Throughout the entire process Steve has also kept in contact and checked that we are always happy with the service.

Archiform 3D's renderings and fly-through video exceeded the quality that we expected. While Steve promised that they prefer to over-deliver on each project, one never truly believes this until the results, which are impressive.

I am pleased to say that as we expand into new real estate developments Steve and the entire team at Archiform 3D moves with us and is handling more of our work.

Snehal Desai
Amrit– Florida USA

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