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From: Tony Scott

On reputation and an impressive set of credentials, Quadrant Creative chose Archiform 3D to deliver the ‘photo real’ virtual components for the launch of Element. These included a high resolution suite of still images as well as a series of fly-throughs utilised in the Sales Centre and customer audio-visual presentation.

Aside from the usual requests for high quality apartment interiors and features, Archiform 3D delivered a complex set of montaged images including aerials that ‘virtually’ delivered the finished Element vision into the arms of buyers.

The cutting edge quality of the imagery has played a significant part in the ‘off the plan’ sales success of Element to date.

Tony Scott
Quadrant Creative
Gold Coast, Australia

Since 1985, Quadrant Creative, a full service advertising agency operating out of Australia’s Gold Coast, has been generating integrated marketing campaigns and building brands for some of the nation’s leading property development companies. Scores of residential, golf resort, leisure and tourism projects throughout Australia bear testament to their creative and strategic expertise. Working as a proactive ‘partner’ with clients, they have lead the way in results driven property advertising. Creative excellence, innovation and service continue to be their strongholds. Quadrant Creative is Australian owned and operated, with the people and the technology to achieve clients’ advertising objectives. Their current client base is a corporate mosaic of household property development names and industry leaders including Macquarie Bank, Amalgamated Property Group, FKP, Norwest Land, The Potter Group and GEO Property Group.

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