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Many people forget about a critical part of any presentation: video production. It can be the polish that makes your presentation sparkle and the difference between a murky message and a crystal clear one. Simply stringing a few 3D clips together in sequence with a cheap track may sound OK at first, especially if you want to save money, but the reality is that you may be wasting your budget entirely if you haven't set something aside for the overall strategy, direction, compilation and editing of your production.

Scripting and Direction

The first thing we do when planning a video production is to write a script, which may be a sequence of shots and effects or a complete audio-visual format that contains the voice over matched with the planned video, or 3D animation clips. If there is a voiceover in your production then we may record a draft to work from to get an idea of timing and speed. The script is then used to direct the 3D animation, which is why early planning is critical.
Each move in 3D is planned to match each word or action in the script.

Voice Over

Once you are happy with the draft of the video we have the final voice over recorded. You will get to choose between a range of voice over artists, ensuring you are happy with the style, tone and overall feel of the presentation.

The finished voice over is placed into the timeline and small edits are made to adjust the timing to match the new, finished voice over.

Actors and Presenters

Some productions need a live person or people to help tell the story. This can be a combination of people on location and in a chromakey studio, which is the same kind of blue/green screen you may have seen before.

We can take real live people and put them into imaginary scenes.

Effects and Titles

Special effects, such as camera tracking, are often used and these are also planned out during the video production process. The script will often dictate what needs to be shot on location.

Titling is also planned out early, if it is included, and to match our normal style and workflow are done in 3D.


There are three ways Archiform 3D handles music. The most basic is stock royalty free compositions that we pay a low fee for once and can use as many times as we like. The second is to license a track, which can normally only be used in that particular production and may have time restrictions too. The third is to compose an entirely new piece, which we can do in house.
Naturally, each of the three methods has a different price point and quality.


We have given you a simplistic breakdown of what can as complex a process as the creation of the 3D, but overall the pattern is normally the same here.

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