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Born from the need to deliver our digital media content to the internet, our web site design services have evolved into a fully fledged service for the real estate and property development markets. It started as just a means to getting our digital 3D footage online but our clients pushed us to utilize our web design and authoring skills for entire sites. Today almost all our clients use our web site design and authoring skills in some form to present new real estate and property developments throughout the world.

Unlike many alternatives we don't use templates at all. Each web site is built from scratch to ensure you have your own identity.

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Corporate web sites have different needs to individual project sites. One of the biggest requirements is to be found by search engines, such as Google, a requirement that a pure Flash web site cannot adequately achieve. Hybrid sites are a careful combination of traditional static HTML code (which is what you are reading now) and Flash graphics. The result is a strong, impressive corporate presence but something that contains straight, raw information in a format that search engines can read. HTML and Hybrid web sites are also easier to edit.

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Flash based web sites

Presentation is everything in this market and Flash is the best way to present almost anything. The shackles of traditional HTML websites are cast away as Flash allows us to create web sites that "sparkle" on the internet. On this web page you will see the top section is in motion, interactive and attractive. This is due to it being created in Flash. We usually author complete project websites in Flash to achieve the best look and feel possible and we can even author real estate agent sites in Flash that allow the agent to edit the content themselves.

If you have been told by other companies that Flash is not for you then we suggest you read our web page devoted to Flash integration so you may dispel the myths. Because Flash requires a more specific skill to create it is more than like that the person or company trying to turn you away from using the technology simply doesn't have the skill themselves.

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Web sites for builders

All property buyers are web savvy now and you cant try to deny it any longer. This includes the buyers of new homes. As a builder, community or property developer you absolutely must get with the program and present a web site that is concise and contains all the information a buyer could want to see. The mentality of wanting to hide designs and other details so competitors cant view them is archaic and you need to think in a more open, fluid state if you want to attract the millions of potential home buyers. Archiform 3D can create a web site that will help you sell more designs and more property than before.

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Archiform 3D creates dynamic web sites for real estate, property development and architecture. Our tight integration with all forms of digital media gives you a finished site that gets attention and immerses viewers.

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