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    rchiform 3D is pleased to announce our solution for interactive panoramic tours, and as with everything we do, it’s 100% included within our regular service. It works perfectly with any kind of interior scene and can even be applied to exteriors.

    The technology itself is not new, in fact we have been using it internally for the last 20 years, but the delivery was always difficult, especially with the rapid change in technology and hardware. But one such change, HTML5, along with the improved performance of mobile devices, has brought everything to a stage of “ready for prime time”.

    Today we can provide panoramic virtual tours of every project that run smoothly on PCs down to iPhones. You can include them directly into your own website, with no need for plug-ins, licensing or ongoing fees, and to any size or configuration you prefer.

    You will also find the Ascot Grand Bahama project has been covered with virtual tour nodes extensively.

    01 . Virtual Tours Engage People

    We have noticed that people really stop and spend time on our virtual tours. Multiple nodes and a very broad field of vision means that a person could spend hours looking through a project that has their interest. With a perfect model created of the development then there is almost no limit as to how long a tour we can produce.
    The almost magnetic pull they have keep people on your website and get them asking questions.

    02. Fast Downloads

    It is no longer a question of whether people have “enough internet”, it is now whether they have “enough patience”. A few seconds could mean the difference between selling or losing them, as people no longer tolerate delays in anything online.
    Virtual tour nodes are really just pictures stretched around the viewer – our computers have already done the hard work. New web based programming languages means that no applications or plug-in downloads are required anymore either, meaning even iPhones can play them and have the bandwidth needed to download them. That is quite a difference from 10 years ago.

    03. What areas can be created for Panoramic Virtual Tours?

    Any area can be created, as long as we build everything within the field of view. This means exteriors work just as well as interiors.

    04. What are the prices for Virtual Tours?

    We dont change any extra to make them as they are more or less a by-product of what we already do, so it comes down to the normal fees for creating the scenes to begin with. These fees are relative to the complexity of the project, the work involved and how much additional input you need, such as design and experiementation.