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      -  3D Techniques & Technology   -  Casa Madrona, A Grand Old Mansion, is Getting Some Hi-Tech 3D Tuned Enhancements

    Get an advance viewing and see the 128 year old Casa Madrona hotel-mansion in Sausalito’s high-tech renovation and presidential suite addition using the latest 3D stereoscopic tools.

    Casa Madrona Alexandra Suite living room

    Constructed in 1885 as a lavish residence for the William Barrett family of San Francisco, this grand mansion slipped slowly into decay until 1910 when John Gallagher, who had the vision to convert the mansion into a hotel, bought it. 67 years later the building was damaged and facing the threat of demolition when John Mays acquired the property and rebuilt it.

    Today, after changing hands, Casa Madrona is a New England styled gem among Sausalito’s boutique hotels with individually themed freestanding units and cottages overlooking Richardson Bay. Amazing views, a full service spa and an elegant décor featuring fireplaces and claw-foot tubs, has Casa Madrona catering to weddings, weekenders and holidaymakers seeking the fun of the bayside village, Sausalito, and the nearby wine country.

    Acquired in 2010 by Met West Terra, Casa Madrona, part of which is now on the National Register of Historic Places, is being revitalised once again, and this time it promises to be the most detailed and luxurious phase of its life. The “Alexandrite” presidential suite is conceived as a world-class getaway for the most discerning travellers with features such as a secret staircase to the rest of the mansion, allowing guests to rent out the entire mansion as one large connected venue.

    With the pressure mounting to not only outdo and impress but also justify a $10 000 a night suite the management decided that there was only one way to ensure that every aspect of the project was carried out to perfection – by seeing it all in 3D first. The investment is large, the brief uncompromising, and nobody wants to outlay large sums of cash without knowing exactly what they are getting.

    Archiform 3D, a company that specializes in unique and detailed 3D renderings and animation, was engaged to interpret architect Christopher O’Connor’s design and subsequent revisions as both poster sized images and video. Their techniques are unique in that they create entire scenes and environments to perfection, producing unlimited viewpoints and images of each project, as opposed to the standard practice of one image at a time. Steve Bell, Founder and CEO took the project on as a “pet” and, with the coincidental release of their new mainstream stereoscopic services, went to the extra effort of producing the suite in stereoscopic 3D, which means it can be viewed in the same way as 3D movies in a cinema, portraying space and depth.

    Done in two phases, the main section of the suite was visualized from the architect’s first ideas. From there it was hashed out, rethought and fine-tuned between the architect and Metwest Terra’s Adam Hollander before being sent back to Archiform 3D for a complete fly-through prior to construction of the interiors.

    Each piece of furniture, light fitting and décor item was recreated in 3D and textured with scans or simple photographs of fabric samples. This allowed for precise visualisation and exact placement of each piece well before anything was purchased or custom built. Two massive wall height TV panels are featured in the living room, playing local footage – a touch that truly needs to be examined closely before construction.

    With a few simple “how-to” instructions the Casa Madrona staff sent Archiform 3D photographs from the balconies of the mansion that were touched up and converted to show the magnificent views from inside the suite and the private decks, which are bigger than some entire apartments.

    The high-definition video walks through and closely examines all the rooms within the suite, taking you through the living spaces, deck, bedrooms, master suite, den and the personal gymnasium.

    Archiform 3D has a gallery of renderings from the project with the video as both normal and stereoscopic. If you have a smart 3D TV then you can view the stereoscopic version hosted via YouTube. While you may not have a 3D TV YouTube will also deliver the video to you in the old-fashioned anaglyph format on any device, so if you have a set of red-cyan glasses around then you can use them too.

    MetWest Terra plans on having the Alexandrite Suite completed in July and has set it to be the flagship property in it’s portfolio.