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Steve Bell


Steve is considered not just a veteran in the field but also one of the pioneers, being the first to bring a property to life in 3D for pre-construction sales in Australia – something that was unheard of anywhere in the world at the time, he had encountered a lot of scepticism, yet was extremely successful. It set the trend and took him to where he is now with Archiform 3D and a string of large global successes.

Originally with a background in architecture and construction, Steve was ahead of the curve with computer-based technology, bringing 3D simulation to building design back in the 1980’s. This not only visualised projects but also generated quantities and data for building analysis, costing and scheduling. The combination forms the core of the services he now offers, which go far beyond mere presentation and are a truly complete package for kick starting almost any kind of property development and bringing it to the market early.

Contact Information
E :s.bell@archiform3d.com

Randi Miller


Randi has a background of marketing, PR, and advertising. Her layouts, skilled copy writing and ability to get to the bottom of what a buyer is really looking for make her a valuable part of our team and your project.

Her natural flair for style can turn an empty space into a dream home. With a track record to prove it, she understands the market and knows what a project needs to sell property to all ages and markets.


Favorite thing to hear from Randi- “Leave it to me, I have got this”

Contact Information

Cavache Properties – Old Town Square, Pompano Beach
Adache Group – 30 Thirty North Ocean, Ft. Lauderdale
Compass Point – Epoch, Sarasota
Martin & Martin – Maasra, Australia
The Ronto Group – Central Ave, Naples
The Ronto Group – Quattro, Naples
The Ronto Group – Omega, Sarasota
The Ronto Group – West Bay to Bay, Tampa

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