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    Genius or Luck? Either Way Altura is Winning! When Ronto Group engaged us to handle the imaging and animation of Altura on Bayshore theydidn’t know what was coming in 2020 – none of us did. But the timing coincided with us developinga new line of technology that provides buyers a fresh way to explore projects interactively fromanywhere, on almost any device. It turns out, by luck or smarts, the timing could not have beenbetter. Altura got all of the design, marketing, imaging and virtual reality we create put into oneextremely convenient web based module that can run remotely on almost any

    ome days you need to move mountains & others you need to be a Swiss army pocket knife. I have always been an impatient person, but fortunately so are my clients. We’re a breed in an incredibly competitive field that need to move and adapt quickly, balancing design, marketing and construction on projects that may last years and have more twists than an Agatha Christie novel. If I had to pause a project every time something new came up then all my work would suffer, stalling everything else down the line, including hard release dates. Pushing through barriers, or knowing how to

    When we start a condominium development project Randi and I sit around a table and discuss “what if we lived here”, which gives us an insight into the project outside of the brief. It’s how we see from the big picture down to the details, and ultimately identify who the buyers are and what it is they are looking for - buyers first, product next, which is like detective work in reverse. During one of these sessions Randi looked at a plan and said “oh my, look at these closets, they are awesome”, and then posed a question: Why haven't we

    An all encompassing technology that compliments new real estate development marketing perfectly. “Digital” has evolved to encompass more than any one part of marketing ever was, as the internet provides more avenues to reach people. Today it encompasses the creation and delivery of everything, which includes traditional print media. The renderings,video and all main delivery platforms are digital, and of course 3D, in the sense that we know it, always has been. The use of digital media has fragmented greatly, today it isn't just whether it goes on the internet, but how. The editing of everything after the initial production has become